Corso e-learning
The executive training – 16 hours

Corso e-learning
The executive training – 16 hours

Quota a persona  190,00 + IVA (231,80)

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Modulo di iscrizione

Corso e-learning – The executive training – 16 hours

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Aimed at
– Course duration: 16 hours
– Refresher training: 6 hours every 5 years

Time of use
60 days of enrollment

Educational purposes
The training path offered by Aifos aims to convey to the executives the basis of a “culture of safety at work” apart from that of fulfilling the merely formal obligations stated by law.

Course content:
– Module “Normative- legal”
– Module “Management and organization of security and safety”
– Module “Risks identification and assessment”
– Module “Communication, training and  consultation of the workers”

Certificate of attendance
Each participant will recive a certificate, after having successfully passed the final test, pursuant to the State-Regions Agreement 07/07/2016.